Out, damn'd spot! out, I say! - A guide to ridding your clothes of obstinate stains February 17, 2017 14:34

Stains - We have seem them all - Here is a list of some of Ruby&Sofia's go to stain removers

And there it is! How did it get there? More importantly, how will you get it out?

Stains, they show up out of nowhere, unannounced and refuse to leave.  What now?

Before you chuck that brand new worn once small mortgage payment clothing item in the bin, know there is hope, hope to save that most expensive garment for just pennies with items you may already have in your house.

The war on stains - patience is a virtue

Unless it is fresh and you are able to treat it immediately, most set in stains will require some patience and depending on the stain, you may require the patience of a saint.  For example, I had a white blouse with an origin unknown stain that I expected to react immediately to my stain treatment. It did not, even with my impatient rubbing it was not budging.  It did not even lighten and I was certain it would not come out and therefore assumed that the bin would be receiving a new clothing item.  I was leaving for the weekend and forgot that I had left the blouse sitting in the bowl of soapy water & stain removing agent, upon my return 3 days later, I pulled the top from the water and the stain was nowhere to be found, it had evaporated without a trace and from this unexpected lesson in patience, I realized that some stains just need time, not rubbing, to be coaxed out of the fabric.

What should I use to remove that stain?

I have many go to stain removers and also have washed many ‘dry clean only’ clothing items (tread carefully here, but I do find that the majority of dry clean only items can be washed by hand and air dried or rolled dry in a towel). One of the best and most economical general stain removers that I recommend is one that I buy from the 99c Store - Soilove –

This little Green bottle has removed a multitude of unknown stains from clothes and all for the cost of pennies, literally.  I have used it on Cotton, Cotton Blend, Silk, Polyester, Linen, Wool & Rayon, to name a few – I have only ever had one adverse reaction to Soilove, it lightened the dye on a silk blouse. It was minor and not immediately noticeable, but it did and so I am saying – other than this, Soilove has saved many clothing items and is always my first go to. When Solilove does not work, what next?

Bubbles of oxygen blow away stains 

Hydrogen Peroxide – something most of us already have in our medicine cabinet and is relatively inexpensive – again, I buy mine from the 99c store.

This little brown bottle, on its own or combined with other agents, has removed set in decade old blood stains, sweat stains & red wine stains from a myriad of fabrics.

Depending on the depth and age of the stain, you may have to use it several times and patience is a virtue when removing old blood stains, leaving the stained item soaking for several hours, and in most cases, HP will considerably lighten if not completely remove blood stains . 

With regard to yellow arm pit stains, in my experience, HP alone has little effect on yellow arm pit stains, but by combing it with a little ammonia I have been able to remove yellow pit stains from a silk dress! (Again, tread lightly here and make sure you are in a good ventilated area whenever combining any agents, wear gloves if at all possible or wash your hands immediately). But if the armpit stain is that bad, what do you have to lose by trying this method. To remove yellow pit stains, let the stain soak in a mix of 75/25 HP/Ammonia and a little warm water for several hours – I must admit, I was amazed.  The Armpit stain was not completely removed, but enough so that the dress was wearable without notice.

Stop whining about the wine stain

A mix of HP & Dawn Dishwashing Liquid has proven successful in removing red wine stains from carpets and clothing alike or combine Hydrogen Peroxide with Baking Soda and you can really see some red wine stain removing action occur by virtue of Oxygenation ( this method also works on other stains as well)

Spotty Whites

Please do not reach for the bleach! Depending on the fabric mix, you will most likely add yellowing to your already stained item.  Bleach works ok on 100% white cotton items, but does not always remove the stain.  And if the item is a blended cotton, bleach will only succeed in yellowing the item. If you have a white clothing item with a stain, try using White Vinegar.

Firstly, wash the item with a mild detergent and then let it sit in the bowl of soapy water. Raise the stained area so that it sits slightly proud out of the water and spray it with vinegar and let it sit.  Return to the bowl occasionally and repeat the spray process over the next several hours.  I was able to remove a set in curry stain from a lace pair of shorts using this method and some patience

And if you would like to hurry the process along, try adding some baking soda to the vinegar, make a paste and rub the mixture into the stain, let it sit and occasionally spray the area with more vinegar. If by Chance you did reach for the bleach and now have yellow bleach stains to contend with as well, spray the area with Vinegar and let it sit and you may just save the garment yet.

Oh no! Grease stains

Grease manages to find its way onto clothing even when you have not been near grease!  Set in grease is near impossible to remove, but I have had some success by using Dawn Dish washing Liquid and Hot water

Saturate the grease stain with the Dawn liquid, let it soak in and then spot run the hottest water the fabric can manage and this should break up the grease, lesser so if it is old or set in, but it is worth the effort. Either it will come out or it won’t

Borax is also a good choice for grease stains.  Combine it with Dawn to make a paste, rub into the stain and then add it to the hottest wash water the fabric can manage and let it soak.

Freshly stained and still wet

If you have a just made stain in the works, try covering it with salt. Salt has the ability to absorb the stain pulling it away from the fabric, cover, absorb, brush off then launder – baking soda is great for this same action on leather goods.

On double knit fabrics or heavier stains, make a mixture of salt & ammonia and dab onto the stain, let it sit for about 30 minutes and then wash the garment in the warmest wash the fabric will tolerate,

You can also use salt as an agitating agent to help rub out stains.  Combine the salt with the stain removing agent and rub as much as the fabric will tolerate without breaking the threads

Not so invisible Ink stains 

So you have an ink stain and you don’t even recall touching a pen – Fear not, Hairspray is not just for Hair.

I have removed the deepest darkest ink stains using hairspray & water. Soak the ink stain with hairspray, rinse with warm water and repeat until you don’t see any more ink in the rinse water – this method has saved many articles of clothing over many years

My clothes have a headache of stains

When you have a headache you reach for the aspirin, when you have a headache of a stain, reach for the aspirin.

 Aspirin is great at removing yellow armpit stains as long as they are not too old and too set. Take 5 or 6 crushed aspirin tablets and add them to a bowl of warm water and let the item soak overnight,  this should lighten if not remove those horrid yellow pit stains caused by your deodorant. You can also make a concentrated mix and rub the mix into the stain add some warm water and let sit for as long as possible without drying (add more water if need be) and then launder as instructed.  Aspirin is salicylic acid which is an agent that breaks up protein stains, so use this method on any protein based stain to help remove the stain

Not for the faint of heart

As with everything in life, choose wisely.  If you are unsure and/or it is a very expensive item, then your first port of call should be with a professional.  But, if you feel that you have nothing to loose or confident that the fabric can handle the process, then by all means, try and remove that stain yourself.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County Partners with Online Resale Shop to Raise Funds January 18, 2017 09:25

The Perfect Valentine Gift of Love - a Gift that Gives & Receives

Ruby & Sofia are very excited to announce the newest addition to our family of animal rescue partners - GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE of ORANGE COUNTY. Ruby & Sofia's founding goal was to be able to raise money for the lost, abused and forgotten animals in this world and with your help we will be able to do this in bucket loads. 

To commemorate this partnership, we have added a fabulous German Shepherd pendant necklace to our collection of Charity Necklaces - in Silver or Gold plate - $22,  of which $5 will go directly to GSROC.  Ruby&Sofia have also added a discount code, gsroc10, that can be used at checkout at  When code gsroc10 is used, it will give each purchase an extra 10% off the already super low prices on designer fashion at Ruby&Sofia, and each time the code is used, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County will receive another $2 donation on all orders in addition to the the necklace. - so shop, shop, shop and help save a life.

Ruby&Sofia would like to remind all of our readers that there is no discrimination when it comes to abandoning a dog, every breed has a rescue and every rescue will have puppies, teenagers, adults and seniors - all waiting for a home, so please stop buying and start adopting. If you are currently looking to adopt a German Shepherd type dog, then no better place to start your search for your new BFF then at,  and don't forget to stop by Ruby&Sofia for your German Shepherd Pendent so that we can send $5 to GSROC to help save another homeless dog.

National Pit Bull Awareness Month October 02, 2016 12:36

Please join Ruby&Sofia in supporting National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

Once known as America's Dog, Pit Bulls have now been demonized by the media and banned from many major cities, towns and countries. The discrimination these dogs face is unprecedented and a sure death sentence, discrimination we would cry foul to if aimed at any other being. These fabulous family and therapy dogs can not seem to catch a break, a break they so desperately need.

Pit Bulls are the number 1 euthanized dog in the United States - with over 800,000 dogs euthanized every year - only 1 in 600 Bully breed dogs have a chance of making it out of the shelter alive. The numbers and statistics are alarming and appalling and with BSL - Breed Specific Legislation -  going into effect all over the world, the number of deaths are sure to only rise. Families are being torn apart and people are being displaced from their homes or having to choose to turn their innocent family dogs over to the authorities to be euthanized just for being a 'pit bull' type dog. This current legislation happened in Quebec City, Canada and is happening in Montreal, Canada, where all bully type breed dogs in shelters will be euthanized and current resident owners of bully type dogs will have to muzzle their dogs anytime they are outside, including their own garden. This is happening even after BSL has been disproven as an effective measure against dog bites, even after leading animal organizations, country leaders and expert individuals have all declared BSL ineffective. In fact, cities with BSL have only seen dog bite statistics go up not down.

It is now time to start prosecuting the perpetrators and not the victims, A call for tougher penalties and jail time for dog fighters and unlicensed breeders, more regulation on licensed breeders, holding owners accountable for spaying and neutering as well as for the behavior of their dogs and encouraging responsible dog ownership is the way forward.  All Dogs have the propensity to bite and no breed should be singled out. Owners must be held responsible for the action of their dogs as they would for the action of their children. Trying to eradicate a breed of dog will never eradicate the desire of irresponsible people to own a 'tough' looking dog and to fight and abuse these same dogs. If we eradicate Pit Bulls which dog will be next that we hold accountable for bad ownership and dog fighting? German Shepherds, Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers, Great Danes,  The list could be endless.. the current demonized breed is Pit Bull, but your breed might be on the list next.

All Bully breeds need our Help - Please be their voice, please stand up for them and say no more! There are so many ways that we can change their future into a bright, loving family filled life - Stop breeding - Stop buying - Start Adopting - Spay & Neuter - Foster - Donate - Support No Kill Shelters - Notify Authorities of Dog Fighting Rings in your neighborhood and Start Educating People & the Media on the true nature of Pit Bulls - that being loving loyal family dogs - They Need our Help - Please spread the word!

Bewitched - Elizabeth Montgomery – The Fashion Icon That Wasn't July 13, 2016 14:47

Elizabeth Montgomery or Pandora Spocks - Do we want to be Samantha or Serena - Or Both?

Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched us all with her wholesome ‘girl next store’ sexiness and her twitchy nose  – Women wanted to be her, men wanted to marry her - she was the original ‘Hot Mom’ and it is no wonder that she captivated an audience of both Men and Women.

And while we agree that her sensuality was always prevalent just below her wholesome good looks, the most perplexing thing about Elizabeth Montgomery is the lack of attention given to her style & her sexuality for which she had oodles of both

Elizabeth Montgomery’s sense of style had a quiet sizzle that reflected the times and also gave hint to a fabulous pair of legs and derriere!  She was the object of desire for many, and her classic cool style of pencil skirts, capri pants with flats & Chanel suits lent itself to her quiet sexuality and is still classically fashionable today.

As Bewitched moved out of the prim early 60’s and into the hippie culture of the late 60’ & early 70’s so too did her wardrobe, featuring wild prints and short dresses with equally exciting accessories and bra-less blouses all underlining a more elevated sexuality of the times.  

Elizabeth moved into this new era of fashion with ease and it only helped to highlight the undercurrent of her own sexuality especially seen when she played Samantha’s wild cousin Serena

To be sure Elizabeth had a quiet sensuality that was emphasized by a style that went mainly unnoticed by the media but certainly not by her audience. She embodied the appeal of the girl next door yet there was always a hint of a vixen beneath her cool exterior that played out well when she acted out the part of Serena, Samantha’s wild cousin with a fabulous fashion sense

I believe that this dichotomy that was Elizabeth allowed her to ‘bewitch’ most people, men included, who met her without trying and from these photo's one needn’t wonder why.  With her fashion sense and fair looks, Elizabeth could fit into today’s fashion culture with ease and embody both the girl next door and vixen we all want to be.

Because there is no denying that sometimes we want to be Samantha

and on other occasions we really want to be Serena


Elizabeth Montgomery was bewitching enough to be both and she did it with class & style the likes of which has rarely been seen since. - 

Elizabeth Montgomery - A true Fashion Icon Indeed 






Why Grass-Fed Beef is Just as Bad for the Environment as Grain-Fed June 26, 2016 09:11

Link -

Why do we keep trying to find the right way to do the wrong thing.. rather then just do the right thing the right way??

There is no arguing that Grass-fed beef is a much more humane way of raising cattle, but this is no longer a valid argument to ease our conscious so that we can continue to eat animals.  The sad fact is that rearing livestock by any method is not a sustainable food source and will continue to contribute to the death of our planet as well as to ourselves in the form of fatal sicknesses.  There is no right way to do this.. the only right thing to do is to stop the consumption of animal flesh, and while i realize this is a hard task to accomplish, then at the very least it is time to cut back on the meat that we consume, and if we must, then at least ensure that what we do occasionally eat, is, in the very least, not riddled with hormones and antibiotics, fed on a diet that is natural to its habit and not reared in the most inhumane methods available.

One last thought - 

I too subscribed to the 'grass fed' thought process some 15 years ago .. but i can see now that all of it in any form is wrong and environmental suicide .. every time we eat animal flesh we are endorsing the death of our planet, we are endorsing cancer.. diabetes.. heart disease .. resistant bacteria that can & does kill us ..The list goes on.. it's your life, your choice .. but it no longer just impacts you.. it impacts all of us... So please think about what you eat as a socially conscious thought, because it is.

If we all stopped or severely cut back on our animal consumption and ate a more plant based diet we would: eradicate many cancers and severely cut the rate of others, we would almost certainly end heart disease, we would eradicate type 2 diabetes, we would eradicate many autoimmune diseases, we would positively and significantly impact water shortage and global warming, we would decrease the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria, we would end deforestation, we would positively impact the healing of our oceans, And ... we would single handedly change the corporate environment that is ruling this world we live in .. offering up our health and the health of our planet for corporate profits.  All of this can be accomplished just by changing one habit that is not essential in any way, shape or form to sustaining life.

A STORY OF RESCUE & REDEMPTION April 10, 2016 16:44

Our April Shelter of the Month is “Free to Live’ Animal Sanctuary based just outside of Oklahoma City, OK.  Free to Live is a No Kill Sanctuary that houses 300 dogs & cats looking for a forever home. - 20% of all Ruby&Sofia gross profits will go to Free to Live for the Month of April!

Free to Live is a non-profit sanctuary for stray, abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats. It is the largest no-kill sanctuary in Oklahoma.  From Free to Live more than 200 animals are adopted out to loving homes each year.   Animals that are not adopted live out their lives with healthy food, shelter and medical care.  Euthanasia is not practiced.  Why is this so special you might ask? Please let me tell you a tale of state and city run animal ‘shelters’ in this country, in this state…

It is estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals are euthanized in the nations ‘shelters’ every year and it is not far off base to say that this estimate is actually a higher number in reality.

Roughly 64% of the total of animals that enter the shelters are euthanized – approximately 2.7 Million animals were euthanized in just the 1000 shelters that participated in a poll, which leads us to believe the number is much higher.  There are many reasons why a shelter might euthanize an animal, sickness for one, but the majority are healthy loving companion animals that are euthanized due to overcrowding. 

Overcrowding is a huge problem due to the lack of spay & neutering as well as to the business practice of puppy mills.  Puppy mills exist and they are a business of over breeding & inbreeding certain types of dogs for profit.  What happens to the animals or their health & well being are not a consideration in this business model, only the bottom dollar.  The other issue is that of breed specific legislation, or discriminatory behavior likened to that of 1960’s America.  BSL dictates what kind of dog you can or cannot own, meaning that if your dog fits a specific description, he or she can be confiscated and euthanized for no other reason than characteristics.  For these two reasons the two most euthanized breeds in America are Pit Bull Type Dogs and Chihuahuas.  The USA euthanizes around 800,000 pit bull type dogs every year with only 1 in 600 who enter the shelter finding a home and Chihuahuas run a close second.

Enter the No Kill Shelter.  No Kill is just that, no animal is euthanized for overcrowding, and every animal will be humanly housed, fed, sheltered and provided with medical treatment without consideration, all while the shelter diligently tries to rehome each and every animal in their care – these shelters are run on donations from the public without federal or state funding.

Free to Live is a special Shelter for several reasons. They are the largest No Kill shelter in Oklahoma and have been so for over 30 years before the idea of No Kill was au fait.  They are a Charity run Facility that relies solely on donations. A more important fact never to be ignored – In Oklahoma, animal disposal (their words not mine) in places without shelters (which includes over half of rural Oklahoma) includes abandonment, shooting, giveaways and drowning.  A limited number of “adoptable,” animals go into private shelters.  However, for older, large, sick, or ugly dogs, there is little refuge.  More disheartening, dogs, and even some cats, are collected by dealers for sale at flea markets or for research in labs or animal fighting rings.

And if you need even more reason to support such a great shelter, their Kennel Director, Robbie Miller, is the embodiment of what rescue looks like.

Robbie’s own path of rescue & redemption involves adopting a down on her luck pit bull named Shadow.   Robbie spent 12 years in prison and upon being released in 2014, his main objective was to not go back.  Most inmates that serve extended periods of time in prison find adjusting to the outside world incredibly difficult and Robbie was no exception.   With much consideration Robbie decided that rescuing a down on their luck dog might just be the thing that would save him from going back to the only thing he knew.  Enter Shadow, a Pit Bull Mix that was found in the high desert abandoned in a crate surrounded by Bullet casings with two other dogs (one that had already died).  The two remaining dogs were rescued, given medical attention and put up for adoption.  Robbie had read about Shadow and her crate mate Clancy and with his mother’s help and blessing, decided Shadow just might be the dog to rescue him.  The pair met and bonded immediately and the adoption was approved.  

Happily ever after… The End…

Not so much, as a few months into the adoption Shadow began coughing up blood. Robbie rushed her to the vet and X-rays confirmed that Shadow had a bullet lodged in her lung, she was admitted in to a very risky surgery and thankfully pulled through with the help & support of donors, the original shelter that adopted her out, but more importantly with Robbie by her side. 

I dare say that Shadow taught Robbie what it means to love and care for another being without thought or concern for himself,  that life is not just about ‘me’ and what ‘I’ have been through, that we truly find our fortitude and our calling when we allow others to be our focal point rather than ourselves. When we do this for a dog, the unconditional love they give back is better than any therapy or support group money can buy, for it surly is the most healing love in all the world… Love without judgment, without condition….

This narrative of a rescue of a man & a dog is what eventually paved a new path for Robbie that culminated in moving to Oklahoma and working as Kennel Director for Free to Live.

For all of these reasons, Free to Live’s own history and Robbie’s story, Ruby & Sofia cannot think of a more deserving shelter to start with in our ‘Shelter of the Month Campaign. 

What It Means To Be Human April 08, 2016 16:14

Please take a moment and watch.. this is what it is ultimately all about.. that we are all human, that we are all a step away from where others find themselves existing.. that we all need help and that we are duty bound as humans to step in and make a difference when our government can not or will not.. I don't know about you.. but nothing makes me feel better then helping someone else .. Man or beast ...

Shelter of the Month April 07, 2016 17:11


Those of you who follow us on Social Media will immediately know how strongly Ruby & Sofia advocate for the Millions of abused and forgotten animals that enter our Shelter System every year.  Millions of loving, well behaved, loyal animals that enter the 'shelter' system most likely will never leave.  The state and city funded facilities are failing these animals tenfold as the majority of animals who enter these facilities will most likely die in these facilities, save for the few who are rescued -

Rescue is a is a twofold tale, for behind a broken system of forgotten animals is a group of people working endlessly, tirelessly and sometimes fruitlessly for these very animals that society has 'thrown away'. Rescue is a hard choice for anyone, but for some it is the only choice.. 

Shelter of the month will highlight the chosen rescue, the journey of the people behind the rescue and the animals they have saved and lost. We hope to engage you, inform you and touch your heart with their stories, but more importantly to act upon what you read and make a difference.  Do something big, do something small for it is better then doing nothing at all...

Adopt Your BFF Today! NKLA Celebrating St. Patty's Day with $17 Adoption Fees!! March 17, 2016 10:48

Ruby & Sofia are proud to support NKLA.  What better way to find your best forever friend then by visiting your local shelter today and Adopting or Fostering. Making a difference in one life may just make the difference in your life :) 

-Celebrate St. Patty's Day by bringing some luck to those who are down on theirs - 

Adopt Don't Shop

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Adopt your own lucky charm at our NKLA Pet Adoption Center and turn your luck around. Adoptions start at just $17 today through March 23. Over 100 cats and dogs from NKLA Coalition partners can't wait to charm you! Open daily noon - 8pm, located at 1845 Pontius Ave in West LA. Learn more at


Welcome to Paws & Think.  My name is Chat Noir.  That’s French for ‘Black Cat’ if you are not up to speed on your French.  I am one of the newest members to Ruby & Sofia’s team.  Moving forward, I will be helping to contribute to this Blog to not only thank all of you for helping to raise money for a great cause, but also to make sure you stay informed and entertained during your visit with us.  

If you are like me, you might have been considering a new pet for a little while now but were not sure how to go about things.  Maybe you already have a cute pooch, and you want to give him or her a friend to socialize with while you are at work.  Or maybe even, you grew up in a household full of animals, and you are now finally in a place where you can make a new pet part of your family.  

My family and I are the proud owner of a 1 year old kitten named Stella - who is quickly morphing into a young cat before our eyes.  Recently, we moved into a new home that came equipped with an outdoor dog run that had been built by the previous owner.  I feel like it would be a real shame if we don’t get a new dog sooner than later to enjoy and take advantage of this great outdoor space.

As a side note, I’m not exactly sure what type of dog breed that little guy is in the photo since this picture was part of the online photo collection used by the real estate agent who sold us our house.  But since I live in the North East, so I thought it was better to show you a picture of our backyard and what it looks like in the summertime, instead of what it looks like now.

Since we are considering adopting a dog in the near future, I wanted to share a bit of research I uncovered about animal rescues.  Here is what I found. 

A large percentage of rescue dogs are pure breeds.  I am still working on confirming exactly what percentage, but the information I have found suggest it could be over 20%. So I think that stigma that rescue shelters are only filled with mutts should be put to rest. 

  • shelters I researched had already taken care of many of those costs for me, along with the costs of having your pet spayed or neutered.
  •  It is common for many to-be dog owners to want a puppy, but owning a mature dog has it merits too.  Instead of spending hours training your new best friend, this time can be spent enjoying their company.  I have learned that the average rescue dog is between 18-24 months, which means they are still very young at heart, but might already have a pretty solid foundation of obedience training.  Of course it is important to remember that every dog is unique, but it’s also comforting to know that when you are considering a rescue pet there are a lot of different options available including breed but also age, size, male or female and more.

I look forward to hearing back from other pet lovers both about their connection with Ruby and Sofia, but also the overall joys pets bring to our lives. 

Chat Noir 

The Impending 6th Extinction of our Planet February 28, 2016 18:14

Ruby & Sofia's core foundation is that of a business with a purpose to help abused and abandoned animals, but we want to go a step further today and highlight the bigger picture, the larger issue that is the plight of mother earth and all of her children.  – We  watched Racing Extinction today, and cried through most of it, If you feel anything you will too. All of the issues that we are facing today … race relations, economic equality, immigration etc .. will mean nothing if we do not change how we are treating this planet and her children.. This world as we know it will come to an end, possibly in this lifetime, most definitely for the next generation. We can no longer stick our heads in the sand, we must change!  Please take a moment, sit down, and watch this film, whatever your beliefs are about climate change and global warming, listen to what the makers of this documentary have to say.  These people have no reason to lie to you, there is no economic motive here, look at who is telling you what and look at the motivation behind their message and then make an informed and educated decision on who is telling you the truth... While I realize that there are so many injustices in the world to be passionate about, the message of this documentary is of far greater importance because if we do not educate our children and ourselves about what is happening, there will be no race relations, no economic issues, no immigration concerns to worry about, as there will be no more race or species for that matter, left on the planet to worry about these insignificant in comparison issues, the only worry we will have is how to survive in a dismal world desolate of water, air, plants and animals..

As it stands now, this world would be better off without humans, and i include myself in this. Humans are the cause of all the bad that is destroying this planet, eliminate the pest and the world will heal, we are ALL to blame, once we collectively take responsibility we might have a chance (though I fear it is too late). We need to stop blaming the governments, big business, and immigration, and start looking inward.  We are responsible for what we allow to happen and only we can change it, but this means giving up the conveniences we love so much.. Change or die. If not, sadly we will become the 6th extinction of our planet by our own hand

Thank you for supporting our friends in shelters, Love Ruby + Sofia January 26, 2016 08:34


Ruby & Sofia are so pleased to be able to donate $750.00 from our December Holiday Sales. 

We would like to thank all of you who purchased from Ruby + Sofia and want you to know how much your combined support contributed towards the Rescue, Medical Care, Foster Care and Adoption of dogs, cats and all animals in need.. Please consider donating to your local Shelter.. every donation makes a huge difference.

Thank you again so much from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!!

Welcome to the launch of Ruby and Sofia’s new Website June 08, 2015 13:52

Welcome to our new website we are so pleased you found us, many of you will already know us from our established eBay store where we are very proud to have 100 percent positive buyer feedback.

Whether you are an existing friend or a new customer will want you to have a truly great shopping experience, so please let us have your feedback regardless both positive or negative it all matters!

This website is currently a ‘work in progress’ so please bare with us as we still have over 350 additional products in stock that will be added to the store over the next couple of weeks, together with the great many additional items that we always add each week - so do please check back with us regularly to see what we have or sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you informed of all new items as they arrive. You can also follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

If you have specific requests please let us know, we travel extensively searching for fabulous new products and we are always happy to endeavor to fulfill the specific requests of our customers wherever possible.

Again a very warm welcome and we hope you enjoy perusing our store.