Shelter of the Month April 7, 2016 17:11


Those of you who follow us on Social Media will immediately know how strongly Ruby & Sofia advocate for the Millions of abused and forgotten animals that enter our Shelter System every year.  Millions of loving, well behaved, loyal animals that enter the 'shelter' system most likely will never leave.  The state and city funded facilities are failing these animals tenfold as the majority of animals who enter these facilities will most likely die in these facilities, save for the few who are rescued -

Rescue is a is a twofold tale, for behind a broken system of forgotten animals is a group of people working endlessly, tirelessly and sometimes fruitlessly for these very animals that society has 'thrown away'. Rescue is a hard choice for anyone, but for some it is the only choice.. 

Shelter of the month will highlight the chosen rescue, the journey of the people behind the rescue and the animals they have saved and lost. We hope to engage you, inform you and touch your heart with their stories, but more importantly to act upon what you read and make a difference.  Do something big, do something small for it is better then doing nothing at all...