The Impending 6th Extinction of our Planet February 28, 2016 18:14

Ruby & Sofia's core foundation is that of a business with a purpose to help abused and abandoned animals, but we want to go a step further today and highlight the bigger picture, the larger issue that is the plight of mother earth and all of her children.  – We  watched Racing Extinction today, and cried through most of it, If you feel anything you will too. All of the issues that we are facing today … race relations, economic equality, immigration etc .. will mean nothing if we do not change how we are treating this planet and her children.. This world as we know it will come to an end, possibly in this lifetime, most definitely for the next generation. We can no longer stick our heads in the sand, we must change!  Please take a moment, sit down, and watch this film, whatever your beliefs are about climate change and global warming, listen to what the makers of this documentary have to say.  These people have no reason to lie to you, there is no economic motive here, look at who is telling you what and look at the motivation behind their message and then make an informed and educated decision on who is telling you the truth... While I realize that there are so many injustices in the world to be passionate about, the message of this documentary is of far greater importance because if we do not educate our children and ourselves about what is happening, there will be no race relations, no economic issues, no immigration concerns to worry about, as there will be no more race or species for that matter, left on the planet to worry about these insignificant in comparison issues, the only worry we will have is how to survive in a dismal world desolate of water, air, plants and animals..

As it stands now, this world would be better off without humans, and i include myself in this. Humans are the cause of all the bad that is destroying this planet, eliminate the pest and the world will heal, we are ALL to blame, once we collectively take responsibility we might have a chance (though I fear it is too late). We need to stop blaming the governments, big business, and immigration, and start looking inward.  We are responsible for what we allow to happen and only we can change it, but this means giving up the conveniences we love so much.. Change or die. If not, sadly we will become the 6th extinction of our planet by our own hand