Bewitched - Elizabeth Montgomery – The Fashion Icon That Wasn't July 13, 2016 14:47

Elizabeth Montgomery or Pandora Spocks - Do we want to be Samantha or Serena - Or Both?

Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched us all with her wholesome ‘girl next store’ sexiness and her twitchy nose  – Women wanted to be her, men wanted to marry her - she was the original ‘Hot Mom’ and it is no wonder that she captivated an audience of both Men and Women.

And while we agree that her sensuality was always prevalent just below her wholesome good looks, the most perplexing thing about Elizabeth Montgomery is the lack of attention given to her style & her sexuality for which she had oodles of both

Elizabeth Montgomery’s sense of style had a quiet sizzle that reflected the times and also gave hint to a fabulous pair of legs and derriere!  She was the object of desire for many, and her classic cool style of pencil skirts, capri pants with flats & Chanel suits lent itself to her quiet sexuality and is still classically fashionable today.

As Bewitched moved out of the prim early 60’s and into the hippie culture of the late 60’ & early 70’s so too did her wardrobe, featuring wild prints and short dresses with equally exciting accessories and bra-less blouses all underlining a more elevated sexuality of the times.  

Elizabeth moved into this new era of fashion with ease and it only helped to highlight the undercurrent of her own sexuality especially seen when she played Samantha’s wild cousin Serena

To be sure Elizabeth had a quiet sensuality that was emphasized by a style that went mainly unnoticed by the media but certainly not by her audience. She embodied the appeal of the girl next door yet there was always a hint of a vixen beneath her cool exterior that played out well when she acted out the part of Serena, Samantha’s wild cousin with a fabulous fashion sense

I believe that this dichotomy that was Elizabeth allowed her to ‘bewitch’ most people, men included, who met her without trying and from these photo's one needn’t wonder why.  With her fashion sense and fair looks, Elizabeth could fit into today’s fashion culture with ease and embody both the girl next door and vixen we all want to be.

Because there is no denying that sometimes we want to be Samantha

and on other occasions we really want to be Serena


Elizabeth Montgomery was bewitching enough to be both and she did it with class & style the likes of which has rarely been seen since. - 

Elizabeth Montgomery - A true Fashion Icon Indeed