National Pit Bull Awareness Month October 2, 2016 12:36

Please join Ruby&Sofia in supporting National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

Once known as America's Dog, Pit Bulls have now been demonized by the media and banned from many major cities, towns and countries. The discrimination these dogs face is unprecedented and a sure death sentence, discrimination we would cry foul to if aimed at any other being. These fabulous family and therapy dogs can not seem to catch a break, a break they so desperately need.

Pit Bulls are the number 1 euthanized dog in the United States - with over 800,000 dogs euthanized every year - only 1 in 600 Bully breed dogs have a chance of making it out of the shelter alive. The numbers and statistics are alarming and appalling and with BSL - Breed Specific Legislation -  going into effect all over the world, the number of deaths are sure to only rise. Families are being torn apart and people are being displaced from their homes or having to choose to turn their innocent family dogs over to the authorities to be euthanized just for being a 'pit bull' type dog. This current legislation happened in Quebec City, Canada and is happening in Montreal, Canada, where all bully type breed dogs in shelters will be euthanized and current resident owners of bully type dogs will have to muzzle their dogs anytime they are outside, including their own garden. This is happening even after BSL has been disproven as an effective measure against dog bites, even after leading animal organizations, country leaders and expert individuals have all declared BSL ineffective. In fact, cities with BSL have only seen dog bite statistics go up not down.

It is now time to start prosecuting the perpetrators and not the victims, A call for tougher penalties and jail time for dog fighters and unlicensed breeders, more regulation on licensed breeders, holding owners accountable for spaying and neutering as well as for the behavior of their dogs and encouraging responsible dog ownership is the way forward.  All Dogs have the propensity to bite and no breed should be singled out. Owners must be held responsible for the action of their dogs as they would for the action of their children. Trying to eradicate a breed of dog will never eradicate the desire of irresponsible people to own a 'tough' looking dog and to fight and abuse these same dogs. If we eradicate Pit Bulls which dog will be next that we hold accountable for bad ownership and dog fighting? German Shepherds, Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers, Great Danes,  The list could be endless.. the current demonized breed is Pit Bull, but your breed might be on the list next.

All Bully breeds need our Help - Please be their voice, please stand up for them and say no more! There are so many ways that we can change their future into a bright, loving family filled life - Stop breeding - Stop buying - Start Adopting - Spay & Neuter - Foster - Donate - Support No Kill Shelters - Notify Authorities of Dog Fighting Rings in your neighborhood and Start Educating People & the Media on the true nature of Pit Bulls - that being loving loyal family dogs - They Need our Help - Please spread the word!