Why Grass-Fed Beef is Just as Bad for the Environment as Grain-Fed June 26, 2016 09:11

Link - http://www.onegreenplanet.org/environment/grass-fed-beef-is-just-as-bad-for-the-environment-as-grain-fed/

Why do we keep trying to find the right way to do the wrong thing.. rather then just do the right thing the right way??

There is no arguing that Grass-fed beef is a much more humane way of raising cattle, but this is no longer a valid argument to ease our conscious so that we can continue to eat animals.  The sad fact is that rearing livestock by any method is not a sustainable food source and will continue to contribute to the death of our planet as well as to ourselves in the form of fatal sicknesses.  There is no right way to do this.. the only right thing to do is to stop the consumption of animal flesh, and while i realize this is a hard task to accomplish, then at the very least it is time to cut back on the meat that we consume, and if we must, then at least ensure that what we do occasionally eat, is, in the very least, not riddled with hormones and antibiotics, fed on a diet that is natural to its habit and not reared in the most inhumane methods available.

One last thought - 

I too subscribed to the 'grass fed' thought process some 15 years ago .. but i can see now that all of it in any form is wrong and environmental suicide .. every time we eat animal flesh we are endorsing the death of our planet, we are endorsing cancer.. diabetes.. heart disease .. resistant bacteria that can & does kill us ..The list goes on.. it's your life, your choice .. but it no longer just impacts you.. it impacts all of us... So please think about what you eat as a socially conscious thought, because it is.

If we all stopped or severely cut back on our animal consumption and ate a more plant based diet we would: eradicate many cancers and severely cut the rate of others, we would almost certainly end heart disease, we would eradicate type 2 diabetes, we would eradicate many autoimmune diseases, we would positively and significantly impact water shortage and global warming, we would decrease the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria, we would end deforestation, we would positively impact the healing of our oceans, And ... we would single handedly change the corporate environment that is ruling this world we live in .. offering up our health and the health of our planet for corporate profits.  All of this can be accomplished just by changing one habit that is not essential in any way, shape or form to sustaining life.