About Us

Who are Ruby and Sofia - More then a company name 

Ruby & Sofia are two rescue dogs.  Ruby the Australian Shepherd had 4 homes before she landed on our doorstep - her forever home - she is cautious and weary of anyone she doesn't know, but once inside Ruby’s inner circle you are her world and she will love you to the end of days’.   Sofia the American Staffordshire  was on her way to the shelter, where I daresay, her kind never make it out☹.  She too found herself on our doorstep and into her forever home.  Sofia is an ambassador to her breed, she LOVES everyone she meets and will meld into you with one of her big Pittie hugs.. my heart is forever changed by her Pittie love.  Sofia is the reason I started Ruby&Sofia.   Because of this little American Staffordshir Terrier ( Pit Bull to the world ) I have been educated on taking each dog at face value, never believing the propaganda and understanding the prejudice & certain death sentence ‘Bully Breed’ dogs face from the day they are born.  Both Ruby & Sofia have opened my eyes to the throw away mentality of Dogs & animals in general by Humanity. I wanted to be a part of the solution to this ginormous issue so I created Ruby&Sofia, combing my love of Fashion with my passion for Animals in need.  With each purchase you & I can help change the lives of so many .. Humans and Animals alike..

Our mission - to create a fabulous & fun shopping experience that will also directly help save and give voice to the millions of abused & forgotten shelter & rescue animals in the world

A percentage of each sale go directly to animal rescue shelters or specific animals in need of urgent help. Ruby&Sofia support all charities, but our chosen cause is working to save the lives of animals. Shop & be a part of the solution at the same time!  It is a WIN WIN for everyone :).

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  - Mahatma Gandhi

With our most Heartfelt Wishes,

Ruby & Sofia -The Red Merle Australian Shepherd & The White American Staffordshire Terrier .  

In A Nutshell:

  • We are a team of fashionistas who care about mother earth and all her inhabitants

  • We seek out unique & beautiful Designer items - new & resale - to tempt your sense & sensibilities - at a price that will make you smile

  • We sell & ship globally from West Hollywood, CA 

  • Ruby & Sofia have been dressing fashionistas & donating part of your shopping proceeds to Animal Causes since 2013

  • Ruby & Sofia are an on-line only shopping experience

  • You can Contact us directly from our Website

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